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Our Mission

LBWF is an animal and human welfare organization. Our mission is to alleviate suffering, while rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming abused, neglected and abandoned animals. We aid in crisis situations, while educating, encouraging and empowering the public to make a difference in the lives of those whom have no voice.

Who We Are

The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation is built of a group of inspired, motivated humanitarians who work tirelessly to fight animal cruelty by educating the public, animal rescue, and finding loving families to give the helpless a second chance at a happy life. Founded by Oscar nominated and renown animal activist Linda Blair to bring the much needed attention to the growing problems related to animal welfare and the work required to stop animal abuse and neglect.

What We Do

LBWF is a unique safe haven for animals providing top-quality, lifelong care to the animals it rescues. We emphasize proper nutrition, provide first-class veterinary care, comfortable facilities, training, socializing, and of course, an abundance of love. Using the media as an outlet for education, we hope to raise the level of awareness on important issues such as pet overpopulation and dog fighting, as well as debunking the unfounded, illogical and fear-based arguments that all too often lead to breed-specific bans and the heartbreaking extermination of beautiful animals whose only crime is having been born. 

Our Store

Thanks for stopping by! We have heard your requests for autographs and merchandise and thus the Linda Blair Worldheart Rescue Support Store was born!  This is the only official place on the web to obtain an autograph or merchandise from Linda Blair. As always, to benefit the animals in need, Linda will be offering and signing select items for her fans. This site will be updated periodically with new and exciting items from the icon herself! There will only be a select number of each available and Linda will inscribe to you or a name of your choosing. This is a perfect way for the fans to support the work that Linda has dedicated so much to! 

Your Impact

The Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation is a 501.C.3 non-profit organization. We rely on the support and donations from animal lovers, like yourself. By purchasing an item in our support store you are helping us to save lives. All proceeds from the rescue support store go directly to the rescue dogs and help provide transport from the shelters, medical care, food, treats, toys and so much more. Thank you for supporting LBWF and the animals in need! We cannot do the work we do without you!

If you live in Southern California and are interested in adopting, sponsoring or volunteering, make sure to visit the Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation Website!

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